Alex Swaine is the owner of Up and Cummers video production. He'd done some fabulous work in the Forgotten Worlds. Done a favor for the new Queen of Candyland. One for his brother in one of their cabins. And many others, his collection of private movies is quite extensive. Tonight, he's filming a special in The King's Dungeon he'll capture every squeal, moan, and action on film. One night only. When the dwarven bartender, Bernard calls off Starr steps up, The King isn't a fan of his girls doing what others are hired to do so he opens the amateur video night with a bang. Then Starr finds the lazy guy in the crowd - NOW he's on stage performing.

Who knows what else the twins will do to please the King...?

Starr and Lola, the Pleasure Twins, are the King's right and left hand.

They are assigned to running the daily business of his all-time favorite establishment, the Dungeon. All sorts of fun things happen at the King's Dungeon. Join Starr and Lola as they share all the juiciest details of the evening's events.

What happens in the dungeon definitely doesn't stay in the dungeon!

It's a special night in the King's Dungeon - it's all about the Littles. There's a petting zoo, nursery, and playroom. If you're looking for a LIttle you'll find one tonight. Little Penny and her Daddy Fox take center stage and Farmer Dell finds 3 strapping young baby boys to take home in this naughty tale!

Grab a mask and join Starr and Lola, the pleasure twins, for the Daddies masquerade party.

This is one party you don't want to miss.

Plus, you will want to get all the scoop on what happens to Lola after the party.

Spoiler: She learns her lesson!