I saw myself as a God among men. I was a womanizing, greedy bastard. I had no care for anyone's feelings and one day it bit me in the ass. I was cursed with no voice, no libido and I looked like a yeti. It would take a miracle - or in my case a bull named Joe to turn my world upside down.

Publisher's Note: This book contains an element of power exchange, but is mostly about redeeming love with a HEA and is intended for mature readers only.

I was about to become the Queen of Candyland. I wanted my own candy shop, to find my leadership style before I took the throne. I hired the best chocolatier I could - Peter Rabbit. I just wanted to focus on business but life, of course, had other plans. Like I think I am falling in love with Peter and he's a bunny shifter! Oh, let's not forget my arrogant ex who is the captain of the guard and trying to weasel back in my life.

Publisher's Note: This book has elements of strong power exchange, MFM, and the use of toys - and is intended for mature readers only.

I'm a magical bull. Some kid traded me for these magical bullshit beans and the only person who was good to me at my new home was Amelia. I helped her find her happily-ever-after and life on her farm has been great. Until I nose a lamp, get my own Djinn and fall in love. I'll do anything to make sure she's safe.

Pricilla Cowardly had dreams. BIG dreams. She wanted to be a top fashion designer for the shifter community. A rival from her childhood decided she could take her shyness and disappear. When Pricilla woke she was up in the clouds and couldn't shift from her lion form at all. Hiding in her enclosure, she was surprised when a giant noticed her and adopted her as his new house cat. Life was now an adventure she never wanted, but she's about to learn what you want and what you need are often two completely different animals.

Rumple's daughter had her eye on Gretel. She just needed Gretel to see she was worth more than her husband Ed treated her as. Once Ed pulls a bonehead move, Gretel takes matters into her own hands and follows her heart to find love and adventure.

Wendy Pan thought her and Peter had it all once he grew up, except she found out Peter was getting his all with everyone else!

Samantha Claus wasn't cut out for the life in the snow and dealing with people. She craved life on open sea and wanted her crush Wendy to join her and her boss/lover Captain James T Hook.

They get their chance one night when Wendy leaves Peter and in a sexy turn of events, Wendy becomes theirs and she gets revenge on Peter!

This story has elements of dub con, FMF ménage, toys, spankings, pup play and BDSM. If that’s not something that intrigues you, it’s probably best you pick a different book

Divorce sucks. Being a single mom sucks. I need a break.

My friends sent me to a cabin to unwind and renew my spirit - last thing I expected to find a sexy hunk that tasted like buttercream and chocolate!

Christmas is coming, and since I've been good maybe Santa will bring me the best gift ever!

My Dad is the big guy, and he's ready to retire. My brother Alex was in line to be next until he met a single mom and wants time to be a family man - so Santa chose me to step up into the big guy's boots. He assigned me an assistant, the sweet and klutzy Ella. I've tried to stay far from her because when she's close all I can think about is hot cocoa, candy canes and a warm fire.

Thanks to her tripping on air, my mom got the wrong impression and as a Klaus we must uphold honor and tradition. So now, not only am I learning the Family Business, I'm being forced to marry.

If I screw Christmas up not only will my dad have my head, I'll let down millions of kids - here's hoping I can handle The Family Business.

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