Book 1 - Cooper

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Olivia Swanson was my dream girl. Every beautiful curve of hers belonged to me. Now that I'm home and done working for Uncle Sam, it’s time to stake the claim I should have staked long ago. I know she's getting married, but that asshole doesn’t deserve her. I’ve gotta’ stop this wedding or we’ll both regret it for the rest of our lives.

Book 2 - Richard

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Jolynn left shortly after graduation. She took my heart with her. Now she's back. Only with five little ones and a messy divorce to get through. I tried to stay away but fate kept throwing us together.

**TRIGGER WARNING** This story contains depictions of domestic violence, but it does have a HEA.

Book 3 - Jeremy

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My whole life I've had to hide who I am. Andrew was my first kiss. It ended with me in the hospital and him moving away. Now he's back in my life and I don't know how to let go and admit who I am - let alone admit I'm in love. Sometimes you have to go against all odds to really live.

**Trigger Warning** There are memories of past abuse and derogatory language.