All About Ivy

Ivy is a free-spirit who loves life and hates looking back. Every experience in our life is there to help us grow - she grew up with her grandparents as an only child, and always dreamed of having siblings.

Being an only child sucked as there was never anyone to play games with so she would make up different characters to play against and amuse herself. From there she began writing short stories and poems.

It took a long time for her to figure out who she was inside, but now that she knows, there's no stopping her. Her goal is to bring normal, everyday people to life and show the magic that can happen while you're going along doing your thing.

Second chances are needed. Love happens when you least expect it. And never be with someone whose kisses don't rock your world.

Ivy's first series features the Parks Brothers. Richard, Jeremy and Cooper. They all need a second chance for love, and karma brings their love back to them... but not without some struggle. They have to overcome their pasts, fears and failures to move forward for the love of a lifetime.

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